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Why must Scaffolding Structures adhere to strict standards?

The structure of a building new or old is extremely important for the life-line of the building. If the structure isn’t stable and solid the likelihood of the building to still be standing ten years from when it was build is unlikely. These building are usually declared hazardous for occupation and are closed off to the public if not dismantled.

The scaffolding structure is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to help with the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures. The scaffolding structure is essential for the building process of any building. This structure helps to keep the building intact and it is important for building contractors to know that the design and construction of any steel scaffold must comply with the South African National Standards. The design, maintenance, inspection, safety precautions and usage of the building are all considered under the national standards.


What makes the Buy-Back option so great?

When you‘re working on a temporary construction project, the last thing you need is purchasing equipment that you will not use again once the project is complete. This is why many companies offer rentals to combat having to hold on to unwanted scaffolding. The problem with rentals though, is that you have to pay a huge deposit and then pay for the time that you use it.

This means that the longer you use it, the more you pay for it. The deposit is refundable in most cases and will be paid back once you return the equipment. The construction industry can be unpredictable and delays occur too many times. For this reason, our buy-back option is an ideal solution for your construction project.


Is Formwork and Scaffolding essential in the construction industry?

When it comes to construction; relevant materials, equipment and workman are needed. Besides these elements adequate scaffolding as well as formwork is an integral part of constructing any high structure. But what is Scaffolding and Formwork used for and what makes it so important for construction?


Where can I find the best Scaffold for Sale?

When you are looking for your one-stop scaffolding for sale shop, you are at the right place. We specialize in scaffolding and formwork products that are manufactured according to SABS specifications. We proudly supply scaffolding equipment across numerous African countries.

Our constant aim to deliver excellent client service is vital to our business ethos. Our demands that we impose on our suppliers to consistently maintain impeccable standards are monitored to ensure that our product is the best when we eventually avail it to you.


What is Formwork?

Formwork is the term given to either temporary or permanent molds. They are generally used to allow concrete or similar materials to be poured into. Formwork is used when construction teams need to hold wet concrete in place until it hardens to the desired shape. It must have the necessary strength and have the ability to withstand a huge amount of weight.

Metal beam slab formwork

It is similar to the traditional method; however stringers and joist are replaced with aluminium forming systems or steel beams. The supports are replaced with metal props. This makes this method a little more systematic and reusable. Aluminium beams are produced as telescoping units. This allows them to span supports that are located at different distances apart.


Why are we the best Scaffolding Suppliers?

Finding the best scaffolding suppliers in South Africa is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We are the best scaffolding specialists and this is why:

We specialize in quality scaffolding and formwork products. They are manufactured according to SABS guidelines and can be used for various purposes, intents and project sizes.

We supply scaffolding to various African countries that include Senegal, DRC, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia…


Guidelines for Scaffolding Inspection

Scaffolding Inspection  begins at the work area. This implies the inspector must review the zone to check if there may be any gaps, trench, or high electric links running under the structure. After analysing the environment it is crucial to fix the problem, fill the holes or whatever needs to be done.

Construction workers all need to be trained by a qualified trainer in relation to the scaffolding.

Scaffolding that are in a bad condition should never be worked on. They are unsafe and could result in your death…


What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure placed outside of a building. It is made from wooden planks and metal poles. This structure allows workmen to reach high places where ladders are inadequate to reach. It can be customized to your requirements. 

How to assemble basic scaffolding

1)    Choose a secure foundation on which to build the scaffolding. Make sure that the ground is levelled. If the ground is uneven, dig some of the dirt away to be able to level the ground. If the ground runs at a drastic slope, use stilts to level the scaffold. Use base plaits to create a solid footing.


How You Can Get Custom Scaffolding

At Scaffold for Sale (SFS), we understand that not every project is the same, which is why we offer custom scaffolding equipment to clients. SFS specialises in quality scaffolding and formwork, which is manufactured to SABS specifications, and can cater for projects of all sizes. Our reputation has earned us major projects from across the African continent, including Botswana, Senegal, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


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