H Frame

H-Frames are light and versatile; these can be easily erected in a short time frame. In its dismantled stage, it is compact and easy to store and transport. Quicklock frames are ideally used in general maintenance around the house, house construction, painting contractors, electricians and other various small projects where a step ladder could be dangerous to use.


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Please note weight is an approximate.
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 Plan Brace / Cross Brace 1.5m    

Spigot Castor Wheel 200mm x 35mm

Spigot Castor Wheel 150mm x 35mm


Tie Bar 1.5m x 50mm

Tie Bar 1.5m x 56mm




image004   image006   image007

Jacking Castor Wheel 200mm x 35mm Jacking Castor Wheel 150mm x 35mm


Base Jack 450mm R/O x 35mm


H-Frame 1.5m x 0.9m

 Hook On Boards 1.5m        


Protective gear such as safety gloves, construction helmet, safety boots and safety harness should be worn at all times when working on scaffold.
Never work on scaffold in high wind conditions and thunderstorms.
Always tie the tower to the building in exposed conditions.
Never leave the unsecured tower unattended.
Always use the correct signage when using the tower:
Danger men working overhead
Danger scaffolding incomplete
Scaffolding safe for use
Always face ladder, use both hands, climb slowly
Never use ladders, boxes, bricks, etc. on the tower to gain extra height.
Never use the tower near electrical pylons or near any unguarded machinery.

When relocating towers, care must be taken to ensure they always remain upright.
Caution is required when moving on uneven surfaces.
When the safe base to height ratios are exceeded, the scaffolding should be tied with scaffold tubes and fittings.
No equipment or materials should be left on the tower when it is being moved.

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