What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure placed outside of a building. It is made from wooden planks and metal poles. This structure allows workmen to reach high places where ladders are inadequate to reach. It can be customized to your requirements. 

How to assemble basic scaffolding

1)    Choose a secure foundation on which to build the scaffolding. Make sure that the ground is levelled. If the ground is uneven, dig some of the dirt away to be able to level the ground. If the ground runs at a drastic slope, use stilts to level the scaffold. Use base plaits to create a solid footing.

2)    If it is your intention to move the scaffolding around the building, use casters. Lock the casters once they are in place to ensure that they are stationery.

3)    In order to assemble the frame, lay out the ends of the scaffolding. Lift one end piece and attach the upper cross base. The far end of the brace must support end piece and lift second end piece and attach its upper cross brace. Secure ends of cross braces to the bottom of the opposite end of the frame.

4)    At this point, you need to check that the scaffold is stable. Move it around and check that it is level.

5)    The next step is to place the planks. Lift the planks through the bars and position them securely in place. Hardware is used to fasten the planks in place.

6)    Make sure that access to the wood & metal structure is secure. If you are using a stair – like ladder, it must have handrails and treading. It is best to position the lower handrail between 400mm to 600mm from the working deck. The Upper one should be 900mm to 1100mm from the working deck. Use only ladders specifically designed for the scaffolding that you are using.

7)    Attach guardrails as it aids against injuries from falls. Also use tie offs and other fall protection aids.

8)    Thoroughly inspect to check that all pieces are secured, the temporary structure is level and safe.


Safety tips

  • Always ensure that safety standards are adhered to.
  • It is best to erect the structure to a height up to four times the width of the base.
  • Do not erect near power lines.
  • Never work on scaffolding in bad weather conditions.
  • Always wear safety belts and lanyards when working on the structure.

Scaffolding is a handy structure for workmen. It is important to ensure the safety of all working on or close by.

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