Why are we the best Scaffolding Suppliers?

Finding the best scaffolding suppliers in South Africa is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We are the best scaffolding specialists and this is why:

We specialize in quality scaffolding and formwork products. They are manufactured according to SABS guidelines and can be used for various purposes, intents and project sizes.

We supply scaffolding to various African countries that include Senegal, DRC, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia…

We offer the following:

  • We are capable of customizing scaffolding equipment to meet your requirements.
  • We restore pre-used scaffolding equipment to a functional condition.
  • Our buy-back policy is unique as we take any scaffolding no longer needed off your hands.
  • We also offer sound advice on appropriate and cost effective scaffolding systems.
  • We supply SABS approved Safety / PEE-Equipment at reasonable prices.
  • Our after-use inspection is thorough and ensures that all missing components are safe before we supply to the next client.
  •  We have a logistics division associated with SFS Nationally which allows us to deliver anywhere in Africa.

More about our buy-back policy

In the event that you need your scaffolding for a one time project, you can sell it back to us on a pre-arranged contract basis. This option drastically reduces your total cost and provides an affordable option.

Most of our used scaffolding has rarely been used. We take care to meticulously repair, clean, oxide, clear from rust and cement all equipment. This is done before we re-supply it to any client to ensure that you receive a product in excellent condition.

It works in this manner:

  • You initially purchase the scaffolding from us.
  • You use it for a minimum of three months.
  • Once your project is completed, we will assess and value the scaffolding in order to calculate a buy-back price.

We are the best scaffolding suppliers in Africa as our sound advice, coupled with innovative ideas to efficiently save you money and time exceeds your expectations. Our quality is impressive and our client service excellence delivered is superb. We believe that every project is unique and for this reason customizing of scaffolding requirements is a pre-requisite to our business model.

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