Why must Scaffolding Structures adhere to strict standards?

The structure of a building new or old is extremely important for the life-line of the building. If the structure isn’t stable and solid the likelihood of the building to still be standing ten years from when it was build is unlikely. These building are usually declared hazardous for occupation and are closed off to the public if not dismantled.

The scaffolding structure is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to help with the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures. The scaffolding structure is essential for the building process of any building. This structure helps to keep the building intact and it is important for building contractors to know that the design and construction of any steel scaffold must comply with the South African National Standards. The design, maintenance, inspection, safety precautions and usage of the building are all considered under the national standards.

To erect scaffolding that conforms to the standards contained within the national standards, there are a few fundamental things that builders need to take into consideration. Firstly the condition of the surface on which the scaffold is to be built is extremely important; will this land be able to host such a building and will this building not interfere with any other essential features like water pipes.

Secondly the weather conditions the building will be exposed to; will the building survive flooding or minor earth tremors. Lastly the load that will be imposed upon it and the wind pressure to which it could be subjected; will this structure be able to hold up without the need for reinforcements?

The type of scaffolding required must be determined before a design is prepared to ensure that it can safely withstand the load it will hold as well as both vertical and horizontal wind pressure. Any scaffolding that does not fall into one of these categories needs immediate attention and must be designed by a scaffold designer or professional engineer.

It is also crucial that all the materials to be used in the construction phase of the scaffolding must be inspected by a supervisor before it is used to determine their suitability and to ensure that they are within the required standards. The area on which the structure will be built must also be thoroughly inspected to see if it complies with the required standards.

It is crucial that scaffold structure be constructed by trained and competent scaffold erectors under the direction of a qualified supervisor. Once the structure is completed it has to go through a final inspection to declare it fit for use. Lives are at risk when building constructions are not supervised well. The importance of a qualified staff cannot be emphasized enough.

A qualified person has the ability to see the errors and come up with solutions before disaster strikes. Scaffolding structures rely on qualified people to evaluate their conditions and therefore need to adhere to strict standards. 

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